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The House of Mirrors
- a novel by C. F. Lew

When a disfigured girl unravels the riddle of an antique Chinese
cabinet, she discovers the mirror inside has healing powers.
Dismissing the warning "When two mirrors face each other they
create endless reflections. Look to the smallest reflection and you
might catch a glimpse of heaven, but touch the 13th reflection and
you open a gate to hell." She uses the mirror to become stunningly
beautiful but the mirror's gift comes at the price of a human soul. Now she and her first love must decide who to save and who to sacrifice.
Craig Lew
writer, author, animator, filmmaker
Craig Lew
writer, author, animator, filmmaker
What Frightened Freddie
- a children's picture book by C. F. Lew.

When Freddie is sent to bed without a bedtime story he imagines monsters creeping towards him. But with the lights on he learns the monsters were simply the mess he left in his room...or were they?